Nerath Reborn

Welcome to Grimm

or, blame it on Wilber

Walking home from school one fall evening along a ridge, a group of children find that one of their classmates, tiny Wilbur Knox, is being shaken down by the school bully, Charlie O’Doyle. When Wilbur manages to free himself from Charlie, the larger boy is unbalanced and falls down a ridge into the dark woods below. When some of the children attempt to go down and help, they, too, fall and suffer injuries.

With some effort, the group manages to return to the ridge, though one is unconscious with a compound leg fracture, and another two from blows to the head. They find themselves, however, not on their familiar path home but in a large field, ringed on all sides by tall, dark trees, their only illumination being from the dipping sun and the rising moon.

Our characters are:
Wilbur Knox, nerd
Charlie O-Doyle, the bully
Bei, the dreamer
Llewelyn, the normal kid, and
Christian Berk, outcast

They are accompanied by a few NPCs: Kyle, Larry, and Reyna (who has the fractured leg).

Confused, frightened, worried about their wounded friends, and now hungry and thirsty, the children mill around a bit in the field. Kyle, who had bumped his head, and Wilbur, socked by Charlie, come to. Christian finds that his longtime invisible friend, Clive, has manifested, and points out that the flowers of the field are candy, and several of the children enjoy the bounty. Bei discovers a tiny tray, laden with a cup of milk and a small sandwich.

Their wonder soon turns to terror, when on a distant rise, framed by the full moon, they spy the silhouette of a massive wolf… standing on it’s back legs.

The children flee, the wolf chasing after them. They find a path leading in among the dense trees, and go down the path, quickly becoming encompassed in total darkness. A female voice calls out to them, “Quick! Over here!”

Ducking off the path, they huddle together and can hear the “thrum, thrum, thrum” of the wolf’s steps as he goes running by. In the dim light of the full moon filtering through the treetops, they see a girl of about their own age, in a red hood and with a basket. Seeing their condition, their benefactor offers to lead them to her grandmother’s – perhaps she can help their wounded friend. But first, they need food, and someplace to sleep for the night.

In the dark, their new companion offers to lead the children to a place she knows with a PB&J tree. Until they see it, the children can’t believe it. At first, they’re confronted by a horrible odor… much of the fruit has fallen to the ground, and is rotting. But, indeed, some Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches seem to be hanging on higher branches.

“Help me fetch water” the hooded girl says to Larry. They disappear into the trees, and, with only small amounts of moonlight filtering down, Charlie climbs the tree. Llewelyn attempts to knock some PB&Js down by throwing rock, but ceases her attempts after nearly hitting Charlie. Charlie loads his backpack with sandwiches, and begins climbing down.

Before he reaches the ground, the still of the night is broken by Larry screaming in the distance. Charlie drops down, and the children huddle together, debating their course of action. Their indecision is broken, however, by the hooded girl racing into the clearing.

“The wolf! The wolf found us! Run!” she shouts as she races past them and back to the trail. The children follow, Charlie carrying Reyna (who is still unconscious, her condition worsening), and they run until they are exhausted, eventually moving off the trail. The hooded girl collapses, sobbing. “I’m so sorry about your friend. The wolf… the wolf…”

Exhausted, the children settle in for sleep as best they can. Next to a tree, Bei finds a blanket, just her size. Even the outcast, Christian, eventually falls asleep, though he’s more wired than tired.

Charlie, the bully, wakes to a tapping on his shoulder and the sounds of chirping in the distance. The gray light seems a bit lighter. There’s enough light for him to make out the face of the hooded girl, and to see that her hood is a brilliant red. “Hey sleepy head, help me fetch some water for the smaller kids.” He follows her away from the small clearing, and they find a clear stream. Red hands him an empty waterskin, which he fills.

When he stands up and turns around, he finds Red standing close to him, and she embraces him. “You’re so strong, and handsome…” She says to him, pulling him close, nuzzling him.

Bei wakes to a gently poking at her shoulder. Bleary eyed, she sees a 4" high, blue skinned man standing before her. This little man warns her that her friend is in great danger, and she has to help him. She looks around to see that Charlie is missing, and when she looks back down, the little blue man is gone.

Bei wakes the other children, and she, Wilbur, and Christian agree to go check on Charlie. Llewelyn agrees to stay behind and watch over Reyna, who is now developing a fever.

Red has embraced Charlie next to the stream, and is brushing cheek to cheek. He half-heartedly tries to push her away…

Until she bites into his neck.

Fortunately, nervous about the wolf, he had put on his brass knuckles.

Bei, Christian, and Wilbur step into the relative clearing around the stream and see Red and Charlie embracing. They hear Charlie shout, and see him punch Red in the side of the face, knocking her to the ground.

The other kids approach, asking, “Why did you hit her?!” “What’s going on?”

“She bit me!” Charlie yells. Wilbur and Bei step forward to check on Red, but before they can reach her Charlie has pulled out his 8 ball and thrown it at her head. He misses, but the ball somehow hits a rock and bounces back to his hand.

Red stands in a huff and walks away…

Bei, Wilbur, and Christian shout at Charlie a bit… until they notice the two red bite marks on his neck, and they realize they didn’t see any bruises on Red’s cheek, where she had been punched with a pair of brass knuckles. They look down along the stream for Red… but she’s not in sight.

Back in camp, Red steps out from the woods.

“Where is everyone?” asks Llewelyn.

“Oh, they’re carrying back the water. Shall we check on your friend?” She puts a friendly arm around Llewelyn’s shoulders, and leads her over to Reyna, who lies feverish on the ground. As Llewelyn lean over to check on Reyna, Red shoves her to the ground, pinning her. Llewleyn struggles, and when she feels Red bite into her neck, she heaves the vampire off of her.

They square off, and Red appears ready to pounce, when Kyle wakes from where he had managed to sleep through the earlier commotion. Red cold-cocks him, hefts him over her shoulders, and races out of the clearing.

Wilbur, Bei, Charlie, and Christian return just in time to see Red’s cloak flashing out of the clearing. While the others check on Llewelyn, Charlie chases after Red. At one point, Red leaps over a tall fallen log. Charlie follows, vaulting over… and then gets slammed into the tree.

Charlie stumbles to his feet to see Red zipping into the distance, with Kyle over her shoulders. He throws his 8 ball after her, but it misses and bounces back to his hand when it hits a tree.

Sullenly making his way back to the camp, he finds the others debating how to help Reyna. With some incredible wishful thinking, Bei finds she’s able to partially mend Reyna’s fractured leg. She also finds the little blue man again, who explains,

“Little Red Riding Hood used to be a good little girl. She would carry baskets of bread and fruits to her grandma. But something happened to her when she was in the belly of the Big Bad Wolf… I wish the Woodsman had never cut her free. Since then, she’s left a trail of dried up corpses throughout the Wood. Sir Wolf thought he had stopped her, once – he knocked her basket away, and she seemed to explode. But she was back within days.”



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